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Hello Tigers. I want to tell you about a great organization in Georgia called the Visually Impaired Foundation of Georgia, Wendy Mons and her great people can sponsor training to the 55 and older Blind people of South Georgia. This is done through a Federal program called Project Independence, and believe me, they will make you smile and make you more independent. Go to the web site and check out the services, the Tiger.

BC Starkson
Valdosta, GA 31601

(229) 251-7089

Email address: technotiger @

Hello, I am BC Starkson, and I am the Computer Technical Specialist at Techno, and I am ready to help you meet your computer training needs. First, I want to let you know about my experience with computers and computer Access technology for the Blind.

From March of 1988 to November 1993, I worked at the National Research and Training Center, NRTC, at Mississippi State University, and my main duties were to train rehabilitation professionals to use and apply screen reader, Braille, and magnification computer access technology to a variety of job situations.

From November of 1993 to February of 2002, I supervised and worked with the other computer access technology trainers at the Department of Veterans Affairs Southeastern Blind Rehab Center in Birmingham, Alabama to train over 350 Blind veterans from throughout the Southeast to use computers.

Since I started Techno in 2002, I have worked with Blind people from Project Independence in Georgia, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, State of Georgia Vocational Rehabilitation for the Blind, the Valdosta City School system, Mississippi State University National Research and Training Center, and the State of Florida Division of Blind Services.

Below, you will find information about my knowledge, skills, and training abilities with computers and computer access technology for the Blind.

If you would like a copy of my Resume, please send a request using the above email address.

Application Software I can train you to use word processors such as Microsoft Word, and I can also train you to use Internet software such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Windows Outlook and Windows Live Mail. I can also train you to access various spreadsheet and data base software programs.

The IPhoneI can train you to use the IPhone to do great things with your communication friend

Screen Reader Software I can train you to use Screen Reader software such as JAWS for Windows, System Access, NVDA, and Guide.

Computer Magnification Software I can train you to use magnification software such as Zoomtext or Magic.

Optical Character Recognition Software I can train you to use OCR software such as Openbook, Kurzweil, Scan & Read, and Text Cloner.

Braille Production I can train you to use software and hardware to produce your own hard copy Braille documents.

Voice Recognition Software If you have a physical problem that doesn't allow you to use a standard keyboard, I can train you to use the Dragon Naturally Speaking software program, and if you are Blind, I can train you with the JAWS/J-Say software packages.

My goal is to serve Blind people, and offer them the best possible training. If you think I can make you more independent, please give me a call!!

If you want to get an audio taste of the 3 books I've written, Netwatcher, It's Not Nice, and Three Minutes from Death, just click on the links below!

Book 1 Netwatcher, or Book 2 It's Not Nice, or Book 3 Three Minutes from Death.

If you would like the audio versions of each book, send me a request using the above email address.

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Netwatcher, It's Not Nice, and Three Minutes from Death by BC Starkson. Copyright 2000 by BC Starkson, all rights reserved. No part of these books may be re-produced in any form or by any means without the prior written permission of the author, except in brief quotes used in connection with reviews written specifically for inclusion in a magazine or newspaper.